3D Printed Coat Hanger Mounts

This was a simple design project to make pole ends for a coat hanger in my new wardrobe. Like most of my 3D printing projects I started with a sketch. I find it much easier to sketch and develop ideas on paper. When I’m sketching I don’t know what all the dimensions are going to be so I write down the dimensions that I know first. I will then put in any dimensions that from experience I think might work.  The defining feature in this design was the aluminum pole, I used an old boat hook that had been damaged. The OD (outside diameter) on the pole was 25mm. I was going to use 4mm bolts and screws to secure the end mounts so that defined the size of the mounting holes.

Next I opened up Fusion 360 and sketched the base of my part. Most of the dimensions are kept in this sketch so that I can come back and edit it easily in the future.

Here is the basic shape.

I added the mounting holes with counter sinks.

Then I added some curves and fillets to make it looking more aesthetically pleasing and to soften the corners.

I used the Ultimaker 2+ that we have at our local library to print the part. I used the recommended 0.15mm settings with 40% infill.

I used the centre hole when positioning the mounts.

Here it is with the pole in it. When the weather gets better I might take the pole out and paint it to make it look a little cleaner.

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  1. Nice work Irial. I’ve been hearing a bit about Fusion 360 lately. What’s your opinion on it? Is it good for 3D modelling and printing?

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