All Video Work

Subaru Canada Video


Grip/Camera Oporator
The Odds

On this short film I was Key Grip. I shot everything ether locked off or on a Camera Gimble I built.

Croom Engineering

Celtic Wedding Video

Audi A3 Launch

Custom Set Engineering
Hidden Camera Shoot

OtterBox Phone Drop

For this shoot I had to build a rig that would drop a iPhone in an OtterBox cover and a Phantom Miro Camera 6m simutaniusly.

Garden Center Slow Motion

I built the set for this shoot where we were smashing flower pots full of paint. a very fun project to work on.

Art Department

I worked in the art department for this Jameson Whisky Shoot. I did the Letter on the Barrel and the rig that dispenced “whisky” into the Barrel.

Craft Shop

I produced and Directed this video for a local craft shop.

Drone Camera Oporator

The following show real is from the Drone Company that i worked with. I was the camera operator and visual director for all of the included footage.