My 3D Printed Drone -Old Project-

So I’ve been designing and 3d printing for a while, I’ve printed lots of stuff: shower holders, boxes, key phobs, buisnes cards, window winders and lots more.
I’ve lots more but the biggest thing that I have been working on is my drones.
I started with a tricopter.
2014-04-07 20.44.31

I used aluminium booms and 3d printed the rest of the parts. I used tiger motors from a Cinestar 8 (witch were a little overkill for what i was doing). It had a tarot 2D gopro gimble and a 3drobotics AMP2.5 . It worked quite well and I ran it on 3000mAh 3s battery’s witch got me about 8 min flight time (not great), the arms were too heavy and the center frame was to flimsy. I also found I had problems with the power board been too close to the compass witch caused very bad position hold in Loiter mode.


Eventually I put it to one side and started my next project the IK Quod : a 3d printed quad copter completely of my own design. My goal was to design a drone that

  • would be light enuf and small enuf to take backpacking 
  • could be 3d printed bar the hard wear (the parts that could not be 3d printed cheap).