Set Engineering

I put my engineering skill to work building filming equipment and customized rigs for film shoots with DogDayMedia.

In 2014 I built a compromised rig for filming a phone case as it fell from a height of 5 meters to the ground. The main problem was that the camera and the phone case had to fall at the same time. This involve designing and building a vertical rail and carriage for the camera equipment and a electronic system of releasing the carriage and case at the same time or be digitally adjusted to alter the drop speed of the camera carriage. The first video is the behind the scene video and the second is the completed video.

On this project I was employed to build a set to protect a high speed camera from damage. And build mechanism for holding and remotely releasing paint filled flower pots.


When I was still in college studying mechanical engineering my friends, who were just starting a media company asked if it would be possible to send a jar of relish to space. After some careful calculations I said it could. I was employed to send the said jar to space (the upper atmosphere) and recover it along with the camera.